Innovation is a Team Sport

About the Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio helps individuals and teams establish repeatable systems for innovation.

We work with best-of-breed digital solutions like Evernote Business and Asana, and analog tools like Post It Notes and Field Notes. We especially enjoy working with people.

We’ll help your team bake proven innovation practices into your workflows and culture, so that you will be ready to identify opportunities whenever they appear, and innovate again and again!

About Ken Cooper

Ken Cooper has led change in some of the most disrupted industries of our time, especially publishing and digital publishing. He has worked with national magazines, comics, professional sports teams, and clients such as Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Ken is the creator of 30 Minute Innovation, the human innovation algorithm for individuals and teams. He’s a digital strategist, innovation coach, Evernote Certified Consultant, and Asana Certified Pro.

Digital Workflows

We blend digital with automation and people to create productive and innovative workflows with best-of-breed solutions like Evernote, Zapier, and Asana.

We’ll work with what you have to create smoother, more productive, and innovative workflows for you and your team.

Digital Media

We provide professional studio services to help your innovation projects become reality!

Our services include digital strategy, design, content management, workflows, automation, and custom development.