Why Businesses Should Care About CES

I didn’t go to CES this year. But I know someone who did, Dr. Jerry Wilmink, CEO of Wisewear. Interestingly, Jerry said that you couldn’t just hop in a taxi, or use Uber, or Lyft, to go to the convention center, because the show wasn’t confined to any single venue. It was everywhere. The show was distributed throughout the city, and everything, in true Internet of Things fashion, was connected. Las Vegas was the show.

Whether you are in the consumer electronics business or not, there are tectonic shifts associated with consumer electronics that will certainly affect your business.

Here are

Why Wearables Will Change the World

What does wearable technology have in common with microwave ovens, Facebook, and the iPhone?

In his article for Wired Insights entitled “Think Bigger, Skeptics: Wearables Will Change the World,” author Steve Caldwell explains how, like the microwave, Facebook, and the iPhone, a convergence of technology and culture is taking place that will result in the mainstream adoption of wearables.

Dr. Jerry Wilmink, CEO and Founder of San Antonio-based WiseWear Corporation, says that wearable technology has evolved to the point of being able provide the features that users want and need, so that

10 Trends that Matter for Innovation

Tis the season for lists. did not disappoint, publishing its "10 Trends for 2015." However, this isn't a typical list of "macro trends" that everyone already knows. These are consumer trends, and they mean opportunity!

Here are the trends, with my summary:

  • Instant Skills - the ability to produce high quality output on demand
  • Fast-Laning - stop waiting in line
  • Fair Splitting - mobile payments to share and split costs
  • Internet of Sharing Things - the Internet of Things meets the Sharing Economy
  • Branded Government - progressive brands for civic transformation
  • Post-Demographic