The Innovative Power of a Mantra

Mantras are powerful things.

Guy Kawasaki, serial entrepreneur and former Apple evangelist, says that companies and organizations should dump their mission statements. Instead, he advocates mantras.

Mantras are clear, concise answers to the existential question, “Why are we here?” That answer should be stated in terms of value for the customer, not in terms of products. It should be very short, no longer than three words, or 10 syllables.

For instance, on a recent episode of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban gave one million dollars to Austin-based Beat Box Beverages. Beat Box sells box wine with

The Most Important Thing a Leader Should Do

What is the most important thing a leader should do today?

Good question. Some might say, “Innovate.” Others might say, “Build culture.” Robert Kabacoff, in the Harvard Business Review, boldly stated that the most important thing a leader can do is encourage strategic thinking throughout the organization.

Although I appreciate all of these answers, I’m awarding the last word to Peter Drucker, who wrote that the most important thing a leader should do is to increase the productivity of knowledge workers.

Let me repeat that. The most important thing a leader can do today is to increase the

Innovation in Three Little Words

Innovation is the art of exploiting change.

Peter Drucker, speaking of entrepreneurs, wrote that innovation is: "the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity, for a different business, or a different service."

However, in order for change to be exploited, it must first be identified.

A Disrupted Industry

Around the time Chuck Yeager was breaking the sound barrier on a regular basis, the movie Three Little Words won an Academy Award. It starred Fred Astaire and Red Skelton, as songwriters Kalmar and Ruby.