Why Businesses Should Care About CES

I didn’t go to CES this year. But I know someone who did, Dr. Jerry Wilmink, CEO of Wisewear. Interestingly, Jerry said that you couldn’t just hop in a taxi, or use Uber, or Lyft, to go to the convention center, because the show wasn’t confined to any single venue. It was everywhere. The show was distributed throughout the city, and everything, in true Internet of Things fashion, was connected. Las Vegas was the show.

Whether you are in the consumer electronics business or not, there are tectonic shifts associated with consumer electronics that will certainly affect your business.

Here are

The Year of Disrupted Disruption

One of the biggest innovation controversies of 2014 was the exchange between Clayton Christensen and Jill Lepore. The interwebs lit up as if the story contained the name “Cosby.”

Here is Lepore’s first salvo in the New Yorker: The Disruption Machine

Here is Christensen’s response: Clayton Christensen Responds to New Yorker Takedown of 'Disruptive Innovation'

Here is one of my favorite blog responses from Greg Satell: 4 Ways To Beat Disruptive Innovation

Here is a great video explaining disruption in two minutes.

So what if some of the industry examples in “The Innovator’s Dilemma” got a

Is Amazon Disrupting Itself?

Amazon is known for industry-disrupting innovations like robots and drones. However, the New York Times recently pondered the possibility that Amazon is actually disrupting itself – that is, strategically cannibalizing part of its core digital content business in order to gain wider leadership in other markets.

Is Amazon betting the farm? Given their history, I don’t think so. At Amazon, innovation is baked into both culture and practice. Bold disruptions are broken into small steps. Each step is tested, resulting in incremental success or failure.

How to Disrupt the Status Quo with Questions

"Who has a good idea?" That's the question often heard in pointless, time-wasting meetings in times of great desperation.

In a recent article for Forbes Magazine, innovation consultant Lisa Bodell describes a different kind of question–a disruptive question. She lists ten questions designed to disrupt the status quo.

What kind of question disrupts the status quo?

Here are five characteristics of disruptive questions:

  • They usually begin with “W.” Questions like, “What is true?,” “What does this mean?,” and “What is the purpose?,” can transform meaningless meetings into a pivotal moments.
  • They

The Value of Innovation

What's Innovation Worth?

Ask any employee from the Fast Company Most Innovative Companies list. Ask anyone from the thriving innovative business that didn't exist three years ago. Finally, ask a stunned former employee of a disrupted business that existed three years ago, but doesn't today. Each would say that innovation is priceless.

Survival or failure? Growth or stagnation? Mission or mediocrity? The stakes are high.


If we're going to put a value on innovation, we should first define it. Innovation is not primarily something new and cool.