Three Steps to Big Company Innovation

Big companies tend to act like big companies, regardless of how innovative they consider themselves to be.

“Big company” behaviors include spreadsheet slavery, failure allergies, and “buying” innovation through acquisitions. Other challenges include collaboration, communication, and alignment.

In a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine entitled “Get Your Innovation Mojo Back With These 8 Tips,” author Bismarck Lepe details some of the greatest innovation challenges for large companies, along with 8 steps in the right direction.

Here are three of my favorites from the article:

  • Quantify

Is Amazon Disrupting Itself?

Amazon is known for industry-disrupting innovations like robots and drones. However, the New York Times recently pondered the possibility that Amazon is actually disrupting itself – that is, strategically cannibalizing part of its core digital content business in order to gain wider leadership in other markets.

Is Amazon betting the farm? Given their history, I don’t think so. At Amazon, innovation is baked into both culture and practice. Bold disruptions are broken into small steps. Each step is tested, resulting in incremental success or failure.

Three Ways to Innovate with Evernote

Innovation doesn’t just happen. You must be organized enough to innovate. Furthermore, because innovation is a team sport, you need a shared system for collaboration. Here are three ways Evernote can help with your innovation efforts:

  • Research It – Be insatiably curious. Use the Evernote Web Clipper to capture interesting articles in Evernote. The more you capture, the more benefit you will receive. Evernote indexes all of your content for instant recall. Furthermore, if you have Evernote Premium or Evernote Business, the unique augmented intelligence features of Context will suggest related

Keep San Antonio Innovative

“Keep San Antonio Lame” is the joking response to Austin's famous slogan, “Keep Austin Weird.” However, a more realistic slogan has come to describe San Antonio, capturing its down-to-earth, unpretentious virtues: “Keep San Antonio Real.” Indeed, San Antonio is real, and far from lame. Nevertheless, if “lame” means limited mobility, there may be some truth to it.

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have bumped up against regulations in many of the cities in which they operate. For instance, earlier this year, Uber tussled with the City of Austin during SXSW.

San Antonio is different.

Two Words For Innovators

Two words that kill innovation, according to the Harvard Business Review, are “Prove It.” 

Management loves to crunch numbers, refine, and optimize the established business. Newborn innovative ventures, however, require a different kind of care and feeding. When they reach maturity, innovative ventures should achieve market leadership and even replace the old business. However, in the early stages, they need a little help.

As Tom Cruise famously said in the movie Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you.” Two words that innovators might say in response to “Prove It” are “Help me:”

  • Help me by keeping