How Open Government Can Help You Innovate

Sometimes it’s not what you know, but what you don’t know that makes all the difference. Learn what you don’t know, and opportunities appear.

Big data is huge, both literally and figuratively. It’s a massive opportunity. It’s also massively intimidating. How can Big Data analytics find a practical use in your day-to-day innovation efforts? The answer is Open Government. is the front end to the wealth of valuable information available for free from the U.S. government. Mountains of relevant and easy to access data provide amazing insights.

The Open Data 500 is “the first

How Evernote Helps Protect Your Business

Evernote delivers big benefits to businesses.

It’s the digital brain for individuals and teams, providing essential business information whenever and wherever it’s needed. Evernote provides a shared workspace, with essential tools to create efficient and organized workflows, and supports the best practices of project management. It even provides augmented intelligence technology called Context, so that you can always know what your team knows, for a competitive advantage.

Most importantly, Evernote delivers security.

How to Innovate With Your Own Shark Tank

Innovation doesn’t just happen. Sometimes it takes extreme measures. And what’s more extreme than a Shark Tank?

Jeff Haden, in an article for Inc. Magazine, describes how Geneca, the innovative Chicago-based software development firm, decided to stop waiting for innovation to happen ad-hoc and get deadly serious. They launched their own Shark Tank competition.

The benefits of the Shark Tank went beyond the ideas themselves. As a result, Geneca has been able to establish collaborative systems and processes within their organization to promote innovation as an ongoing practice.

It’s important

The Best and Most Bizarre Innovations of 2014

“Which was the most surprising innovation of 2014?” Entrepreneur Magazine queried technologists and futurists, and their answers weren’t surprising.

Stand-Out Innovations for 2014 include:

  • Virtual Reality - from Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard.
  • Drone Technology - drones everywhere.

These technologies have reached a level of maturity that will promote their adoption in wide array of creative applications – both obvious and unexpected.

Which innovations were the most jaw-dropping?

How about self-driving cars, color-changing chameleon ice cream, or an FDA-approved nano transmitter pill to

What Is 30 Minute Innovation?

30 Minute Innovation is a new framework that uses principles of intensity training to identify opportunities for innovation and process them into measurable outcomes. 

30 Minute innovation can be conducted as a single 30 minute session, or more comprehensively in a series of 30 minute sessions. It can be practiced by individuals, teams, or entire businesses.

Is it possible to make progress in 30 minutes? Time magazine recently described the benefits of physical intensity training in a recent article by Alexandra Sifferlin entitled, “Introducing the One Minute Workout.” A few intense moments