30 Minute Innovation

Innovation is Not Complicated

Everyone loves innovation. Everyone wants innovation. Nevertheless, innovation is elusive.

One reason why innovation is difficult is because of how it’s been defined. The word “innovation” means something to everyone. It’s become a buzzword, synonomous with “cool.” It’s come to mean everything, and nothing. If something isn’t clearly defined, how can you do it?

Ron Ashkenas, in a great article in Forbes entitled “It’s Time To Simplify Innovation,” explains that we need to:

  • Eliminate mission creep – have a clear definition.
  • Demystify the process – have a clear method.
  • Help managers enable a

What Is 30 Minute Innovation?

30 Minute Innovation is a new framework that uses principles of intensity training to identify opportunities for innovation and process them into measurable outcomes. 

30 Minute innovation can be conducted as a single 30 minute session, or more comprehensively in a series of 30 minute sessions. It can be practiced by individuals, teams, or entire businesses.

Is it possible to make progress in 30 minutes? Time magazine recently described the benefits of physical intensity training in a recent article by Alexandra Sifferlin entitled, “Introducing the One Minute Workout.” A few intense moments