Why Wearables Will Change the World

What does wearable technology have in common with microwave ovens, Facebook, and the iPhone?

In his article for Wired Insights entitled “Think Bigger, Skeptics: Wearables Will Change the World,” author Steve Caldwell explains how, like the microwave, Facebook, and the iPhone, a convergence of technology and culture is taking place that will result in the mainstream adoption of wearables.

Dr. Jerry Wilmink, CEO and Founder of San Antonio-based WiseWear Corporation, says that wearable technology has evolved to the point of being able provide the features that users want and need, so that people can evolve in meaningful ways–for health, prevention, and personal development. It’s no coincidence that the first WiseWear product is named “Evolve.”

There are several contributing factors converging to the adoption of wearables. Pioneering products like Fitbit have already gained a loyal and growing following. The Internet of Things is integrating technology into everyday life as never before. Most importantly, people will find that the benefits of wearable technology are for all, not just for the elite early adopters.

Caldwell notes that “The device or combination of devices must be perceived as life-changing.” Or, we could say, evolutionary!

Think Bigger, Skeptics: Wearables Will Change the World