Why Having a Process Doesn't Make You an Innovator

Having a process doesn't make you an innovator. That's a strange thing to hear from someone who has created a new innovation process.

Jorge Barba says that people love to trust formulas and fancy consultancies with their golden ratios who cram everything into the same cookie cutter mold. But innovation doesn't work that way. One size doesn't fit all.

However, innovation is a practice done by people, with the emphasis on people. That's why the promise of innovation by Artificial Intelligence is dubious, because innovation is a human practice. Humans assign meaning and make sense of it all. Innovation is, after all, about providing new value to humans.

We can't get away from process. Humans intuitively do things according to some kind of process, even if it's unspoken. In fact, not having a process is, in a sense, a process.

Some process is helpful, because innovation is not the product of disorganization. However, the process must be simple, human, and flexible.

Be organized. Be systematic. Be mindful. And above all, be flexible!

Deadly innovation sin: Believing process will save you | Game-Changer