Three Ways to Make Evernote More Powerful

Knowledge is power. Just as the human brain grows more powerful with more knowledge, so Evernote, "your digital brain," grows more powerful, and even more fun, with more information.

Here are three easy ways to add information to Evernote:

  • Scan it. Scannable is a new, free App from Evernote. It makes it easy to scan and import all kinds of paper documents into your Evernote system. 
  • Automate it. IFTTT (If This Then That) provides an automated way to import of a wide variety of data into Evernote. Zapier is another automation option suitable for business users.
  • Email it. You can email notes directly into your Evernote account using your super-secret email address. To discover your unique address, go to the Evernote menu, and then choose "Account info." Your email address will be listed under "Email Notes to." Emailed notes, photos, or audio will be sent directly to your default notebook.

Evernote indexes everything, including scanned documents, for instant recall. Notebooks and tags help you keep your information organized. Business users can share notebooks with other team members who need them.

There are even more effective and elegant ways to integrate Evernote into your daily routine, including Evernote Moleskine Notebooks and Post It Notes.

Ken Cooper is an Evernote Business Certified Consultant. Contact Ken to learn how your company or organization can benefit from Evernote.

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