Inspiration to Innovate

Innovation is a practice done by people, and people need inspiration to accomplish great things.

Ken Cooper explains innovation in entertaining and "sticky" ways that can be easily understood and put into practice by individuals, teams, companies, and organizations. Ken's presentations are fast-paced and engaging. He will inspire your group to innovate, and explain how to do it!

Because innovation is a team sport, Ken emphasizes innovation mindset and innovation culture. Because he talks about what innovators are talking about, his sessions are timely and practical.

Topics include:

  • 30 Minute Innovation
  • Inspiration to Innovate Keynotes
  • Innovation for Startups
  • Innovation with Evernote
  • Innovation for Nonprofits

Individuals will:

  • Learn strategic front-line innovation practices
  • Become valuable assets in your innovation efforts
  • Contribute to your present and future success

Teams and organizations will:

  • Establish sustainable practices for innovation success
  • Identify opportunities for innovation
  • Maintain essential values and competencies
  • Exploit innovation opportunities through proven practical methodologies
  • Improve both present and future situations

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