Innovation is Not Complicated

Everyone loves innovation. Everyone wants innovation. Nevertheless, innovation is elusive.

One reason why innovation is difficult is because of how it’s been defined. The word “innovation” means something to everyone. It’s become a buzzword, synonomous with “cool.” It’s come to mean everything, and nothing. If something isn’t clearly defined, how can you do it?

Ron Ashkenas, in a great article in Forbes entitled “It’s Time To Simplify Innovation,” explains that we need to:

  • Eliminate mission creep – have a clear definition.
  • Demystify the process – have a clear method.
  • Help managers enable a culture of innovative thinking – innovation is people!

Innovation is a real thing. It can be clearly defined. And, it’s pretty simple. Remember, simple doesn’t mean easy.

In 30 Minute Innovation, innovation is defined as “exploiting change as an opportunity to create a new business, a new service, or a new market.” Innovation is a practice done by people. It’s a team sport. It’s primarily a verb, rather than a noun.

Innovation is about taking ideas to the bank. In 30 Minute Innovation describes innovation with the acronym “MOP.”

M is for Mindset – especially the attitude towards change.
O is for Opportunity – identifying opportunities as they appear.
P is for Process – transforming opportunities into actionable innovation projects.

The 30 Minute Innovation method produces repeatable results through focused intensity. Unlike Aesop's fables, for innovation, slow and steady does not win the race.

If you have 30 Minutes, you can innovate!

It's Time To Simplify Innovation