How Leaders Innovate

Not every leader can be Steve Jobs. But what if every leader created an environment where the entire organization could be like Steve Jobs?

A good leader understands that innovation is larger than any one person, including himself or herself. Furthermore, he or she recognizes that innovation is a team sport. Multiple individuals and departments are required to take ideas to market. Therefore, the innovative leader will be occupied with establishing and maintaining the environment that is most conducive to growing an innovation ecosystem.

In a great article for CEO magazine, Ron Ashkenas describes what leaders must do in order to promote and maintain innovation:

  • Sustaining high energy levels
  • Establishing flexible structure
  • Encouraging creative tension
  • Promoting iteration

How can these conditions be established and maintained? That’s where a good innovation framework comes in. A good framework will help assure that these critical conditions are established and maintained.

What’s my recommendation for a good innovation framework? Check out 30 Minute Innovation!

4 Conditions That Leaders Create For Innovation To Thrive