How Innovative Are You?

How innovative are you?

In a recent article on, Val Wright shared a great list of 24 questions to check your Innovation Quotient. Here are her first ten questions:

  1. We create freedom to play and experiment.
  2. Innovation is linked to our long-term business goals.
  3. If there is a good idea, we rapidly fund it with people and dollars.
  4. We are quick to sunset failing projects gracefully.
  5. We recognize speed is sometimes more important than perfection.
  6. New ideas flow between functions, locations, and seniority.
  7. The majority of our energy is spent on customers, products, and profits, not internal drama.
  8. We incorporate the voice of youth in our product strategy and community outreach.
  9. We encourage meeting-free days and create freedom and space to think.
  10. We don't care where you work or how you work as long as you deliver your results and act within the company values.

Question number two is especially important: "Innovation is linked to our long-term business goals." Rather than focusing on things that hinder innovation, we should focus on tying innovation to future success, so that everyone strives for it. Furthermore, number five, "speed is sometimes more important than perfection" is certain to make engineers cringe!

How many of these can you answer with an emphatic YES?

For the full list of 24 questions, click the link below.

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