Evernote Answers the Apple Watch Question

The Apple Watch question has been answered. What is the Apple Watch question? It's the proverbial elephant in the room: "Why do I need this?"

Evernote answers the Apple Watch question with the same answer: "To remember everything." If Evernote is "your digital brain," then the Apple Watch is the icing on the cake of digitally-aided cognition.

With instant access to all of the benefits of Evernote on your wrist, Evernote for Apple Watch can help you:

  • Remember everything - timely alerts and reminders
  • Capture inspiration - because the best ideas come at random times
  • Get stuff done - be organized enough to innovate
  • Total recall - immediate access to all of your stuff

Evernote could be your excuse to buy an Apple Watch.

You know you want one!

By the way, who is the only Evernote Business Certified Consultant in San Antonio?

The Day's Work, at Hand: Evernote for Apple Watch - Evernote Blog