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The Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio, founded in 2013 by Innovation Strategist Kenneth S. Cooper, helps companies and organizations establish a sustainable system for innovation. Our focus is innovation practice, mindset, and culture. 

We won't tell you how to run your business, because we believe that you already have the resources and expertise that you need–in your people.

We will, however, help you "bake" proven innovation practices into your culture in practical and "sticky" ways, so that your team can identify opportunities for innovation as they arise, and exploit them to their fullest.

Our methods aren't "all or nothing." That is, they are tips, which can be used along with methodologies you already have. Taken together, our methods form a sustainable system for innovation practice.

About Ken Cooper

Kenneth S Cooper is CEO and Founder of The Innovation Studio LLC.

For over two decades, Ken has led change in senior roles in some of the most disrupted industries of our time, including digital publishing and entertainment. He has worked with clients such as Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Ken is the creator of the 30 Minute Innovation framework. In 2013, he relocated to Texas and founded The Innovation Studio, which helps companies and organizations establish a sustainable system for innovation. 

We are located in the Silicon Hills, the technology corridor from San Antonio to Austin, the epicenter of technology, startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

We are pleased to partner with Elguji Software to bring award-winning IdeaJam innovation events to companies and organizations of all kinds, because IdeaJams release the latent innovative power of people.

Ken is an Evernote Certified Business Consultant. Evernote Business powers knowledge management and collaborative workflows for a competive advantage.

Ken speaks, conducts workshops, coaches, and consults, to help you establish a sustainable system for innovation.

Ken is a member of the Stone Oak Rotary Club.

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The Innovation Studio LLC
16719 Huebner Road, Building 5
San Antonio, TX 78248
Phone/Fax: (210) 802-0621

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