Evernote Answers the Apple Watch Question

The Apple Watch question has been answered. What is the Apple Watch question? It's the proverbial elephant in the room: "Why do I need this?"

Evernote answers the Apple Watch question with the same answer: "To remember everything." If Evernote is "your digital brain," then the Apple Watch is the icing on the cake of digitally-aided cognition.

With instant access to all of the benefits of Evernote on your wrist, Evernote for Apple Watch can help you:

  • Remember everything - timely alerts and reminders
  • Capture inspiration - because the best ideas come at random times
  • Get stuff done - be

How Leaders Innovate

Not every leader can be Steve Jobs. But what if every leader created an environment where the entire organization could be like Steve Jobs?

A good leader understands that innovation is larger than any one person, including himself or herself. Furthermore, he or she recognizes that innovation is a team sport. Multiple individuals and departments are required to take ideas to market. Therefore, the innovative leader will be occupied with establishing and maintaining the environment that is most conducive to growing an innovation ecosystem.

In a great article for CEO magazine, Ron Ashkenas

Why Innovators are Pod People

“The invasion of the pod people” sounds like a low-budget science fiction movie. However, because innovation is a team sport, innovators are pod people!

In a great article for Medium.com entitled “The Future is Podular,” Dave Gray describes innovation pods and why they make such a difference.

According to Gray, an innovation pod is “a small, autonomous unit that is enabled and empowered to deliver the things that customers value.”

Slow and steady does not win the innovation race. Agility and focused intensity give the winning edge.

Where does agility come from?


What Is Innovation?

Innovation is like light. For ages, scientists have debated what light really is. Is it a wave, a particle, or both? 

Innovation, likewise, is tricky to define. Is it a noun, or a verb? Is it a process? Or, is it people? Recently, The Harvard Business Review searched their archive to shed some light on this "chicken or egg" puzzle.

Innovation can be defined in various ways, but what it it really? Ultimately, innovation is a practice done by people. However, it's not just DNA. It can be learned. Furthermore, innovation is more of a verb than a noun. It’s a verb that produces nouns.

The Best Innovation is Done on Napkins

Recently I tried something really different at one of my workshops. To demonstrate the versatility of the 30 Minute Innovation method, which can be done with high tech, or even low tech methods, we wrote our ideas on actual napkins! Yes, the best ideas really are written on napkins.