Are Innovators Scouts or Pioneers?

The pioneer spirit is highly prized, and rightly so. However, the West was actually won by teamwork, through the combined efforts of scouts, pioneers, and settlers.

Scouts were first, obsessed with identifying opportunities and envisioning new things that could be. Pioneers followed, carving out the basic infrastucture in a hostile environment. Finally, settlers populated the ecosystem to create a flourishing economy in the new world.

In a great article for Medium entitled “Putting the Lie to Corporate Innovation,” John Wolpert describes how innovators are more like scouts than pioneers.


Evernote Pricing Explained

The elephant in the room for Evernote users this week was the announcement of new pricing options. Millions around the world rely on Evernote each day to help them remember everything, and be more organized and productive. In the spirit of simplification, organization, and productivity, Evernote has brought more continuity to its plans for users everywhere.

Here are the new pricing options:

  • Basic (free) - Includes 60MB of uploads per month, syncing, and sharing
  • Plus (24.99 per year) - Includes 1GB of uploads per month, syncing, sharing, passcode lock, and saving emails into Evernote
  • Premium

How Innovative Are You?

How innovative are you?

In a recent article on, Val Wright shared a great list of 24 questions to check your Innovation Quotient. Here are her first ten questions:

  1. We create freedom to play and experiment.
  2. Innovation is linked to our long-term business goals.
  3. If there is a good idea, we rapidly fund it with people and dollars.
  4. We are quick to sunset failing projects gracefully.
  5. We recognize speed is sometimes more important than perfection.
  6. New ideas flow between functions, locations, and seniority.
  7. The majority of our energy is spent on customers, products, and profits, not internal

Why Having a Process Doesn't Make You an Innovator

Having a process doesn't make you an innovator. That's a strange thing to hear from someone who has created a new innovation process.

Jorge Barba says that people love to trust formulas and fancy consultancies with their golden ratios who cram everything into the same cookie cutter mold. But innovation doesn't work that way. One size doesn't fit all.

However, innovation is a practice done by people, with the emphasis on people. That's why the promise of innovation by Artificial Intelligence is dubious, because innovation is a human practice. Humans assign meaning and make sense of it all.

Why Fashion Week is Innovation Week

Each year, Fast Company Magazine lists its pick of top innovative companies. Certainly, technology companies are predictably present. Surprising, one category that’s really worth watching is fashion.

Designer Michael Kors made the “Most Innovative” list for 2014. If innovation is about providing value to the customer and taking ideas to market, then Kors scores big. Another perennial fashion innovator is Tom Ford, designer, creative director, motion picture director, and fellow Texan. These designers don't just create new ideas–they take them to the bank.

How do they do it? Natalie Nixon